Transformer Furniture: Modular Table Lava


We do love furniture that serves multiple functions and takes up less space, and often promote "live/work" ideas. New York designer Jeewon Jung provides food for thought on this dinner table with moulded candlestick holders, wine cooler and vase built in, eliminating the need for storage for these chatchkas. "Each panel has a "mood creating element" such as wine, flowers, and so on, and a flat surface on the other side"

Flip over the pieces and reset in frame and it is a flat topped working surface for your day job.


"This table is designed for life on a moderate income and limited space, yet still tries to live a full life within means. This table has two functional modes: work /dining. A grid structure allows the placement of nine dual-function panels. .... This allows the owner to use the table as a work surface during the day, and at night the panels are flipped and arranged as preferred."


Interesting idea from ::Jeewon Jung via ::Yanko

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