Transformer Furniture: "Meander" by Talus Furnituer


Combining crafty geometry with smart utility, Talus Furniture's "Meander" ottoman/chair/whatever is designed to do just that: meander about your living space. Want to put your feet up? No problem. Need an extra seat? Gotcha covered. How about a bench? It can do that, too. Let your imagination (and recollection of high school geometry) run wild.

Meander's slick system combines polygonal shapes with a series of carefully-placed zippers, allowing for quick transformations between uses; the version above has casters for mobility, while a slightly different version (pics below the fold) leaves them out. This addition-by-subtraction design decision inspires a whole new set of uses, allowing for flipping and turning that expand its utility into some really cool seating and lounging possibilities. Hit the jump for more pics and info about Talus.


Greg Blonder, the designer behind Meander's slick system (and all of Talus' multi-taskers), has been creating and designing furniture since the age of seven, when he scored, cut, folded and pasted an entire room full of troll furniture out of purloined gray shirt cardboard for his sister. He's also designed the TalusTable, with similar aesthetic and functionality, and has some really interesting concepts on the drawing board. We'll be watching to see what comes next. ::Talus Furniture

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