Transformer Furniture Is A "Cluster Of Multifunctional Modular Forms"

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Transformer furniture, that serves different functions and fits in smaller spaces, has been a feature on TreeHugger. But we have never shown a transformer with as many tricks as UK Designer James Howlett's Restyle; he claims that there are 40 different configurations, "with more being discovered all the time."

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The designer tells us:

ReStyle is not one object, but a cluster of multifunctional modular forms. Each form is individually designed to serve many purposes and to be of use in almost any room in the house, but when needed the group comes together to build one compact coffee table.

The whole ReStyle system invites purposeful interaction with our living environment and is designed to demonstrate a new sustainable design philosophy, which is 'Longevity through versatility'.

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The unit is "designed to be like an heirloom;" that can be used at any age.

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James has a thoughtful view of the meaning of sustainability:

Wood is seen as an environmentally friendly material but similarly if we discard a wooden object before the material dictates then we are not using it sustainably. ReStyle exemplifies and promotes the balance and moderation that is the definition of sustainability. ReStyle does this not only through its materials but also through its attempts to prolong its own life-span by being endlessly versatile.

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More at James Howlett's Website

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