Transformer Furniture Goes Mainstream in New York Times

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A decade ago in Toronto, Julia West Home introduced a line of tables, beds and even spinning bookcases that served multiple functions and took up less space. I designed some of them (see them here), convinced that this was the future of furniture.

The future has been a long time coming, but now it is in the New York Times, which introduces us to Georgia Tapert Howe and Caroline Cummings Rafferty of Carolina George, doing similar work today.

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Stretchy table from

They tell the Times: "Your furniture should be smart, But smart-looking, too." The Times shows a slideshow of some of their favourites, including a dining room table that stretches from two person size to what looks like might accommodate Graham Hill in his lifeedited project, where he wants to serve dinner for 12 in his tiny apartment.

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"gossip bench" by Jonathan Adler

They make a very good point that not every piece of furniture for small spaces has to have moving parts and be a transformer; there are other clever ways to do more with less space. Take this "gossip bench":

The item "is great for a living room to give yourself some extra storage," Ms. Howe said, "and you can put a pretty lamp and some objects on it. It could also work in a bedroom. You can put your TV on it and use it for storage and have a little seat. A lot of us don't have space for a chair in tiny New York bedrooms."

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