Transformer Furniture From The 18th Century: The Bachelor's Chair

bachelors chair photo

Image Credit Core77

It would never quite fit aesthetically into Graham Hill's LifeEdited, but Core77 shows this "Bachelor's Chair" that cleverly transforms from a chair to a stepladder to an ironing board. They note that "It's weird to think there was an 18th-Century chair designed specifically for unmarried men, but then again, unmarried men in the 18th Century were themselves considered weird." It is a rare entry in our "cool but ugly" category.

jefferson chair image

Image Credit Grandpa's Crafts

It is apparently also known as "Jefferson's Chair" and attributed by some to Thomas Jefferson, although I cannot imagine him doing his own ironing, and he certainly wasn't short of space. And he certainly wouldn't have covered it in hearts or duckies.

library ladder

He would have more likely had something like Marie Antoinette's Library Ladder that I saw at her modest little pile in the woods at Versailles, the Petit Trianon. It folded up into a lovely green leather covered Ottoman.

chair-ladder photo

As Collin noted when he showed us Stonewall Kitchen's Chair/ladder:

Most everybody needs a chair and a stepladder in the kitchen or around the house; why have both when just one will do the job?

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