Transformer Furniture: Flou's "Book" Sofa & Bed


Transforming from svelte sofa to sleek sleeper "by means of a simple gesture," "Book" from the Italian designers at Flou offers up its interpretation of the ideal boundary between day and night. During the day, it is an elegant, modern, linear sofa and elegant; at night, it transforms into a comfortable double-size bed with a slatted mattress support. Fitted with a folding orthopedic sprung mattress or with a Memoform mattress, it can be made in three versions: with a reclining head-board and with rectangular or roller backhead and armrests.

A great option for adding sleeping space for guests, or as a do-it-all piece in a studio apartment or other small living space. Hit the jump to see several versions of "Book," and drool over what your living room could look like with one in it. ::Flou via ::Azure




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