Transformer Furniture: Dwell's Convertible Coffee Table


Aside from offering a neat trick at your next dinner party, transformer furniture offers a great two-for-one deal; it allows us to live better in less space and use fewer resources doing so (which makes it a triple threat, I guess, if you count the dinner party thing). The latest example is this combo coffee/dining table available from Dwell in the UK.

Rather than a movable leg contraption, like we saw before with the Flip Table, the table's top pops up and unfolds to double in surface area, creating dining space for six or eight from the coffee table's diminutive size (not unlike Lee Sinclair's Convertable). Jump below the fold to see how it goes down, so to speak, and, while you're at it, check out pics of Dwell's coffee table that transforms into a laptop table. We're crossing our fingers that these'll be crossing the pond soon; for now, get more details at ::Dwell via ::Freshome



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