Transformer Furniture: Braun Woodline Expanding Table


TreeHugger approves of objects that expand, fold out or otherwise transform to increase their usability in our lives; the more we can get out of the stuff we interact with every day, the fewer things and less space we need, right? Dining tables are certainly on this list, as most of us don't need seating for eight every night, but what do you do when it's dinner party time?

If an inflatable table doesn't do it for you, we like the looks of the Braun Woodline table. It starts as a small round table for four, and, through a slick drawer mechanism, expands to seat eight or more -- there are three sizes that expand to seat up to 16, if you really like to party, as well as a square table option, if round isn't your style. The Woodline table, by French designer Philippe Braun (and don't the French have all the fun?), is vaguely reminiscent of DB Fletcher's Expanding Table, is available for sale; contact them for details, and hit the jump to see more pics and a video of how it all works. ::Braun Woodline via ::TrendsNow (in French)






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