Transformer Desk from Urbancase Discreetly Hides Your Computer

urbancase computer unit photo


For years, TreeHugger has been showing designs that help integrate work and living by making your computer hardware go away when the workday is over. It is less of a problem than it used to be, as our work hardware becomes our entertainment and leisure hardware as well, (and gets smaller and better looking all the time) but it is still nice to have a place to put it. Darin Montgomery and Trey Jones of Urbancase have designed a very elegant little unit that does it beautifully.

urbancase computer unit closed photo

Lloyd Alter

They have a nice story:

Urbancase is a Seattle based furniture design and build firm founded in 2002 by metal worker and sculptor Darin Montgomery. Our design philosophy is to create objects that contribute to a simpler, pared back lifestyle focusing on basic aesthetic elements and functionality. We make informed decisions about the materials and methods we use in an attempt to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

urbancase cocktail bar closed

They also have a sense of humor, as displayed with their Emergency cocktail station.

urbancase cocktail bark open

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