Toyota Takes Factory Efficiency to the Next Level

Plenty of businesses encourage recycling and perhaps "green purchasing". Some, even a few of the big multinationals, are famed for their occasional green designs. We haven't seen many big companies, though, which continually green their designs, continually make more efficient operations, and empower employees to inspire. Although one anecdote does not make a trend, one of our "tipsters" has pointed out yet another example of Toyota going for the "Full Green Halo Effect". According to the greenouse seller "Growing Spaces", a Toyota Vehicle Manufacturing plant in Georgetown, Kentucky plans to use a 51 ft Growing Dome Greenhouse to show recycling of organic waste and efficient use of resources.Per the Growing Spaces weblog: . "All of the organic waste matter produced throughout the plant is cycled through a highly efficient composting process. All of the kitchen scraps, food waste, paper towels, grass mowings, leaf trimmings and any other organic refuse is fed into a giant composter at the rate of 30 cubic yards per week".

"In this amazing machine fueled by bacteria and organic matter, temperatures of over 160 degrees Fahrenheit are created which effectively break down the organic matter into usable compost. After a week or two in the composter, 2000 pounds per week of usable compost is created. After maturing for a month or two in windrows, the compost is used throughout the plant for landscaping purposes."