Toyota Dream House Includes Plug-In Prius

Last Sunday, the 6-month public exhibition of the Toyota Dream House concept ended (yes, they also build houses - you learn something new everyday). It is partly green, and partly high-tech gadget extravagenza (which is not so green). The most interesting part to us treehuggers is certainly the plug-in Prius (a prototype?) and unidentified electric vehicle in the garage. Both can recharge their batteries via some kind of console that stands in the middle of the garage and the juice comes partly from solar panels on the roof and sides of the house, and from a fuel cell (yes, the house is hybrid). In case of natural disaster (Japan isn't short on those), the Prius can act as a generator and power the house for 36 hours (we assume that's for one tank of gasoline, so more than 36 hours if you have more gasoline on hand). More pictures of the outside, inside and gadgets below.



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