Tower of Power at the Home Show

This "tower of power" was created to illustrate the many options for green housing available today. It was on display at the Daily Telegraph's House & Garden Fair--a very upmarket show for a very conservative crowd--which just shows how the concepts of environmentally friendly housing and energy conservation are making great inroads. Created by Michaelis Boyd Associates, (Conservative leader David Cameron's architect for his new green renovation), it displays the machinery in situ for a range of energy savers: rainwater harvesting, through an underground system that can save up to 30% of water, solar thermal heating, to heat the hot water and solar Photovoltaic panels. The green roofing is made of a blanket of sedum and sedum compost. The little booklet that accompanies the display is a treasure chest of information; it lists the favoured manufacturer for each item. StealthGen is the wind turbine of choice because of its small size and quietness. Donnachadh McCarthy, who had London's first green house (see Treehugger), is recommended as the consultant. As the architect says "There is something wonderful in creating hot water from the sun and electricity from the sun and the wind". :: Daily Telegraph House & Garden Fair