Tough Love: Nemea Sideboard by Alfredo Haberli


Take a look at this sideboard. It's elegant, minimal and modern: everything TreeHugger looks for in its search for sleek, modern, green design. It even has an element of transformability, changing from the solid form at left to the wider, more open setup at right: "this gives rise to a dynamic landscape of cubic forms reminiscent of the gorge formed between skyscrapers." Nice looking, for sure, and has lots of potential to please the TreeHugger set, but, sadly, we have to give it some tough love because of the materials: lacquered MDF (medium-density fiberboard) with chrome legs. Get the formaldehyde out of the MDF and slap some water-based, low-VOC lacquer on the outside, maybe with some recycled steel for legs, and we'll be jumping for joy. It's available as is from Nova68 but we're holding out for the TreeHugger version. Alfredo Haberli's design, via