Tough Love: Eclipse Light - No More Incandescents!


There's a lot to like about the Eclipse Light: it's a super-cool, sleek lighting design, cut from a single flat piece of steel, so it can be packed flat and shipped without much trouble. Once you've got it, you get to customize the look to your heart's content, bending it every which way to create different effects with reflected, right? Unfortunately, at the center of it all, is an incandescent light bulb, which is something TreeHugger just can't abide. Incandescents are quickly going out of style, even becoming unlawful, in some places, and there's just no reason to use them for anything, anymore. This is a cool lighting concept, and a nice, simple way to brighten up a dark corner of your life, but, please, lighting designers of the world: no more incandescents! Thankfully, if you do decide you want one of these, it doesn't ship with a light bulb, so you can add your own compact fluorescent bulb and not have to worry; it would just be so much easier to cut it out of the equation all together, and encourage a little energy efficiency from the start. If you're charmed by the design, and have an extra CFL lying around, you can buy it from ::movisi via ::Blue Ant Studio

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