Toronto's Pearson Airport Display of Great Green Design

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Bonnie previously showed Toronto's Pearson Airport's Eco-Design Show in the international section of Pearson Airport. Over in the US terminal, there was an entire display that could have been ripped out of the pages of TreeHugger. Start with the model of the Canuhome, then a display of IDS09: CISTA Green Rainwater Harvesting">Moss Sund's interior vertical garden, a couple of cans of Boomerang paint, a gorgeous table from Urban Harvest and finish off with a couple of Ovopur water filters. So much good green design in one place, put there for the edification of a few travellers waiting for a plane to the States.

canuhome photo

Canuhome in Treehugger

Many complained about how much money was spent on art when they built the new terminal at Pearson, but really, how many airports have a Curator? Lee Petrie put the exhibition together with Dianne Croteau, Christopher Ferguson and David Green of the Canadian Council for Social Responsible Design.

moss sund water cistern

IDS09: CISTA Green Rainwater Harvesting

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