Toronto Treehouse By Nicko Björn Elliott

nicko elliot treehouse toronto photo

I have figured out what you have to do to succeed as design blogger these days: set your watch on London time so that you are awake when Marcus and Rose of Dezeen put up their posts. This cute little number is probably around the corner from me in Toronto but gets published in London first. I google the designer, Nicko Björn Elliott, and there are already three full pages of design websites that have picked it up.

nicko elliot treehouse toronto photo interior

And then you have the inhabitat gang, Justin at Materialicious and Harry at Mocoloco ; really, I am just going to have to move a couple of time zones east to keep on top of the ultra-competitive modern treehouse blogosphere.

nicko elliot treehouse toronto photo daytime

Anyhow, the designer tells Dezeen about it:

Eight year-old Jorin and his big sister Matana, ten, sought a tree fort refuge on their downtown Toronto property to evoke the pleasures of cottage country during busy summers in the city.

Rather than being constructed on the tree, the project wraps itself around the mature pine tree and is supported on three pilotis above an S-shaped bench that skirts around the columns, tree trunk and slide pole.

With ample shading provided by low hanging boughs, a translucent corrugated fiberglass was used to clad the project. Throughout the day, the opalescent skin transmits the movement of shadows from the exterior to the interior.

The slats on the interior were painted colours selected by Jorin and Matana on three sides which, depending on the sun, reflects colour back onto the skin.

nicko elliot treehouse toronto photo detail

There is no information about what kind of wood is used; a commenter on Dezeen thinks it looks like pressure treated lumber. I certainly hope not; PTL is made with a copper wood preservative (at least they don't use arsenic any more) and I don't think it plays nice with kids.

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