Toronto Considering Making Green Roofs The Law

green roof MEC photo

Green roof on Mountain Equipment Coop, Toronto. More in TreeHugger

You usually can tell that you have hit a balance in politics if everybody hates your legislation. Not so with Toronto's new proposed bylaw that would make green roofs mandatory. It just gets it wrong.

The developers hate it because they say it is expensive. Green roof proselytizer Steven Peck of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities says it falls short of the mark. He says "We're very concerned ... that there's been a watering down of these requirements and this will set a very negative precedent for other jurisdictions across North America."

green roof Robertson building photo

Margie Zeidler's green roof on the Robertson Building. More in Treehugger

The Deputy Mayor, Joe Pantalone, thinks it doesn't go far enough. He called for "aggressive action, not for tepid let's step back and see which way the wind is blowing"

I agree with Joe on one point, that the exemption for schools and public housing is stupid and sends the wrong message- that the private sector has to eat the cost but the public sector, oh, just can't afford it? Does the public sector get exempted from insulation standards or sprinkler requirements because they cost a lot?

If there is a requirement for green roofs, it should be for all.

More in the Globe and Mail.

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