Toronto Considering Deposits On Everything

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Fully 77% of the garbage pulled out of municipal street bins is fast food waste, much of it labelled with the name of Canada's dominant coffee chain. Councillor Gord Perks noted last year: "the city of Toronto, both in households, in street cleaning and in our parks, is paying for the fact the province will not regulate packaging and will not make the manufacturers and producers of that waste pay the cost of cleaning it up."

Now the City is considering some radical moves. According to the Star:"Proposals being considered for beverage cups, takeout food containers and plastic bags include:

An outright ban.

A levy or tax on the items. (Charging extra would presumably influence consumers to use recyclable cups or containers.)

A deposit-return program similar to the provincial bottle return program, whereby consumers get at least a portion of their money back if they turn in the container, making the seller responsible for recycling it."

Bravo. It is about time cities made the producers of all this garbage responsible for the cost of picking it up. ::The Star
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