Toronto Botanical Garden by Montgomery Sisam


Talk about tough acts to follow. Raymond Moriyama designed the first building here in 1964; it held up so well that it won a 25 year award from the Ontario Association of Architects. Jerome Markson added on on in 1976; Now Montgomery Sisam Architects has planted a LEED silver addition. Pamela Young in Azure says "Montgomery Sisam has reshaped the complex and grafted new construction onto it in ways that eloquently embody the institution's empahsis on education, inclusiveness and sustainablility." Its got a big green roof with native vegetation, special fritted glass that screens out 70% of the heat gain, water conserving fixtures and energy efficient lighting. It scored right off the LEED chart for minimizing construction waste- "We diverted 90% of the demolition materials from landfill sites" says David Sisam. "We reused most of it, and much of what we didn't reuse went off to recycling"::Toronto Botanical Gardens via ::Azure

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