Topo Table: Indoor Gardening Without Getting Up from the Table


If indoor gardening is something you want to dig in to a bit deeper, but aren't in to aeroponics, hydroponics or a US-powered greenhouse, the Topo Table might be for you. In what offers one of the smallest farm-to-table distance possibilities we've ever seen, the table is full of reversible spots to grow small indoor plants: flipped one way, the tables' inserts create little landscapes just the right size to grow some indoor greenery; flip 'em around to flatten out your table again. If indoor gardening doesn't do it for you, the inserts also make a nice inlaid fruit bowl (picture after the jump). We think the table would go nicely with some Topoware dishes, and you could wash them in the Erosion sink after dinner. Each table can be made to order, so you can choose where the plants will grow; more pics after the jump. ::NONdesigns Topo Table via ::Apartment Therapy





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