Top Ten Twitterers to Follow for Green Architecture

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Green building is a hot topic these days and there are some great people twittering about the latest in eco-friendly architecture and building design. Check out a few of the people we think you should follow to stay updated. @shedworking
There's no end to the cool stuff that can be done with sheds, especially when it comes to living in them. Check out ShedWorking for loads of tweets on green shed design.

Jetson Green a big name in green building, and the
tweet stream will keep new ideas and information flying at you, including news on prefabs to LEED to just plain old great green design. Jetson Green also has a massive list of who to follow on Twitter that is worth checking out.

EcoHome Magazine is a great resource for keeping homes efficient and earth-friendly. Their twitter feed features blips on everything from energy use to design in homes.

Do we really need to say much about our Best of Green winner? Read Dwell if you want to know what's up in architecture, and definitely follow them on Twitter.

Urban Revision does some incredible and innovative work with designers to revamp urban spaces. There tweet stream is packed with meaty information and links to their projects and more.

Smaller houses are becoming all the rage as people figure out they're more sustainable, and Small House Style has its finger on the pulse of the trends. The tweet stream keeps you up on what's going down at their blog.

Another Best of Green winner is BLDGBLOG, whose twitter feed is filled with solid information and thoughts, not a lot of links.

Architecture for Humanity goes to communities in need and provides design, construction and development services. It's noble, interesting, and makes for some great interaction through Twitter.

Get Serious focuses on the best green materials choices for building. The twitter feed keeps you updated on everything they're talking about on their blog.

The architecture and design writer for TreeHugger is of course on our list as well. Lloyd Alter rocks the scene and brings you the coolest, strangest, and most inspiring people, places and things.

If you, someone you know, or someone you follow focuses on green building and you think they should be listed, add 'em in the comments!

Be sure to follow @TreeHugger, @TH_RSS and me, @JaymiHeimbuch for more green goodies.

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