Top 10 US Cities With the Most Energy Star Rated Commercial Buildings: EPA

los angeles skyline photo

Los Angeles photo: crabers.crab via flickr

For those fond of top ten lists and energy efficiency, the EPA has just released its list of the US cities with the most commercial buildings earning Energy Star ratings in 2008. EPA is quick to point out that the number of building qualifying for this rating have increased 130% from 2007, and these buildings both use 35% less energy than average buildings and emit 35% less CO2. So without anymore more hesitation, here they are:1. Los Angeles
2. San Francisco
3. Houston
4. Washington DC
5. Dallas-Fort Worth
6. Chicago
7. Denver
8. Minneapolis-St Paul
9. Atlanta
10. Seattle

In order for a building to qualify for an energy star rating, it must score in the top 25% using EPA's National Energy Performance Rating System. For a complete list of Energy Star rated buildings: Energy Star
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