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Thanks to the gang at Daily Candy for their great tip on new eco-store Hammocks and High Tea. The designs are described as "home goods inspired by life and fusion of the tropics" and the cute, simple designs are a beautiful touch to any backyard retreat or bedroom hideaway. All materials are eco-friendly, recycled and/or non-toxic, and make great gifts for a housewarming party.Pillows, table top covers, and bedding fabrics are made with organic fabrics (hemp, soy and organic cotton) and water-based inks. Fillings are made from recycled soda bottles. They also include brilliant stationaries and calendars in many of the same graphic designs as the pillows. Other accessories include drawer liners and bags/satchels that could hold shoes during travel or herbs to make your room or drawers smell fresh. The designs are all simple floral or connected circles, but these muted designs obviously have longevity as they will match just about any room over time. The muted colors mean that the items will live through the many color and patterns that you room takes over time.

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The items are all hand-made and reflect owner Karen Young's childhood growinup in South America among her family's Spanish and Portuguese heritage. Hammocks and High Tea items can be purchased online and retail for between $3.50 for individual cards to $75 USD for a pillow. :Daily Candy
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