TomaHouse: Portable, Configurable Housing

After posting my ideas concerning a ultra-minimalist, self-sustaining modular house, some Treehugger readers drew my attention to TomaHouse's Multipurpose Cabin. It is a similar concept to one I proposed — except it does not address self-sustainability quite as much. Its a prefabricated modular house that can be rearranged and expanded. It was created by the German designer Frank Thoma, who drew inspiration from traditional Balinese architecture. He claims the house can be assembled in four hours and disassembled in one hour.The core of the house is a framework of interlocking struts made of aluminum. These connect using a patented locking system. The basic structure of a TomaHouse is a 4 x 4 grid supported by four foundation columns driven 4 feet into the ground.

TomaHouse is being marketed toward those who lease land on a short term basis, or buy land and need a temporary house constructed there while another house is built. It seems like the TomaHouse is only available in Germany, Spain and Bali.

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[by Justin Thomas]