Togolese Bottle Opener is Decidedly Non-Tech

togolese bottle opener photo

Photo via WhiteAfrican

For how much I love technology, I equally love decidedly un-techy stuff. In fact, the more basic it is while maintaining functionality, the cooler it is. And that is just how I feel about the Togolese bottle opener. AfriGadget found a cool way of opening a beer bottle in Togo. A screw in a stick.

Having a cold beer after Togo’s National Run to the Border Day sprint to the Ghanaian border, I noticed that my server was using a non-standard bottle opener. A first in my observance, she employed two screws in a wooden peg to pop the bottle cap on my Guinness. What simplicity, ingenuity, practicality!

I was in awe until I had a thought: What if she could use only one screw?

Oh yes. Most definitely cool. Talk about a DIY-able device that you can make with stuff in your junk drawer, and that is sure to start a conversation.

Via AfriGadget
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