Toda Coat Rack from Notch Designs

As fall sets in, the days get shorter and the air gets crisper and cooler; it's definitely jacket time. When it comes to a convenient, efficient, functional place to keep your jacket when you aren't wearing it, we haven't seen many better than the Toda Coat Rack. Constructed from bamboo plywood by the Providence, Rhode Island-based Notch Design Group, it's an artful, fully-functional coat rack when the hooks are pivoted out. When it comes time to strap on your coat, just grab it off the wall and go; the hooks fit flush into the frame, and you have a simple, sleek wall decoration when it's not busy holding your coat. Our favorite part is it's strikingly simple efficiency; you'll never have to trip over a hall tree or go digging in a closet again. There are three sizes (holding ten, five or two coats) and a variety of finishes available. ::Toda Coat Rack via ::Core77