To Save Space, Architects Put the Shower in the Living Room. Has This Gone Too Far?


All Images Courtesy of Pablo Fernandez & Pablo Redondo Architects. Even without the awkwardly placed chair; showering in the living room might be a bit much for some.

At TreeHugger, we're pretty adamant that one of the best ways is to minimize consumption is to take up less room. To that end, we've featured lots of homes that do great things to save space and furniture that is much more than meets the eye. Now, Madrid based architects Pablo Fernandez & Pablo Redondo have thrown down the gauntlet in the push to make small apartments ever more efficient: they've taken out the bathroom, relocating the shower and toilet to the middle of the apartment, with nothing but glass between them and the living room.


The upside of the awkward kitchen area: a spacious living room.

The design, which the architects call "Vivo solo y me mola" ("I live alone and it's cool") is meant for people living alone, with no intention of doing otherwise. Why bother hiding the more intimate areas of the apartment if you're already by yourself, especially if it means a bigger living room and bedroom?

It's an L-shaped set-up, with the shower tacked on to the end of a narrow kitchen, enclosed by glass sides that reach to the ceiling. The toilet is very much on view, but is also enclosed by glass doors- Fernandez and Redondo don't much value visual separation, but they do acknowledge the importance of keeping certain "noises and smells" out of the kitchen.

All is well and good if you live alone and can get over the strangeness of showering in a sort-of kitchen, sort-of living room. But even if you draw the curtain to conceal the toilet, is it a great place for entertaining? (Putting aside the novelty of the whole set-up, which will probably bring your friends by at first.) The Pablos' new design deserves credit for rethinking the space that is the modern apartment, but will anyone be willing to call it home?

More images via Pablo Fernandez & Pablo Redondo Architects
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