Tivali Kitchen from Dada


I may well start calling myself a Dadaist if they keep turning out things like this. We show designs for small spaces on TreeHugger because they show how we might live very well with less; this kitchen design works as a room divider, and has doors that make it completely disappear. The website showing it is in Italian, but design site Trendir says "Designed by Dante Bonuccelli the Tivali features dark wooden doors that smoothly glide away and neatly disappear into storage slots. Steel fronts reflect the bright blue light from the illuminated glass shelves, broadening the mono-block kitchen space. Suddenly the kitchen basin, oven and range seem like a spacious workspace where everything is in reach. By adding the optional fridge column the Tivali incorporates every cooking need from start to finish."


Perfect for multifunctional spaces, the Tivali enclosed kitchen design hides the kitchen clutter making culinary delights seem magically simple. A new addition to Dada kitchens the compact Tivali brings modern luxurious innovations to even small kitchen spaces. ::Trendir also ::MocoLoco


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