Tischmich Folding Table from Moorman


Folding tables are often so ugly, with plastic tops and metal legs. Jakob Gebert designed this knock-down table for Moorman, deep in the Bavarian Alps. The company sources and manufactures locally; the top is linoleum. The legs lay flat in slots under the table, but when inserted into the grooves in the top they become a very stable triangulated base.

According to the company website, "Since 1982 the self-taught Nils Holger Moormann, as one of the protagonists of the "New German Design" school, has been producing and selling products from young, unknown designers. Following the main principles of simplicity, intelligence and innovation, the items are generally characterised by innovative characteristics, precise detailed solutions and simple form." ::Nils Holger Moorman via ::the Coolhunter


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