Tis the Season to DIY Your Gifts

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Photo by Tim Wilson via MNN

Creating personalized gifts from scratch has always been a soft spot for me. Even when the gift turns out less than stellar, it's the fact that someone worked hard on a project with you in mind that really matters. DIYing gifts helps curb a little of the the consumerism that tends to run rampant at this time of year, and can often be done using recycled materials. Even if you don't tend to be the crafty type, Mother Nature Network has compiled a list of homemade gift ideas that will definitely get your imagination rolling, and includes some projects that don't require crafting at all. The homemade gift ideas pulled together by MNN include skills ranging from masters of the kitchen to knitters and sewers to those whose skills are best put to arranging items in a gift basket.

MNN suggest baking cookies and pies as gifts (who would possibly say no to these?) or knitting scarves and hats. Even making really cool wreaths is a possibility.

Though if you find that their suggestion for gift baskets is more up your alley, we have some excellent green gift guides that will help you find items to include that have a lower eco-footprint. Find items for foodies, animal lovers, fashion buffs, outdoor enthusiasts, geeks, and even DIYers among others.

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