Tiny Transformer Kitchen Occupies Less Than 10 Square Feet When Closed

laass ebert one meter kitchen photo open

The challenge in the "1, 2, 3... easy kitchen!" competition shown in Designboom was to design a kitchen that occupied less than 1 square meter (about 10 square feet). Kristin Laass and Norman Ebelt of burg giebichenstein: hochschule fur kunst und design halle have done it with real style. Opened, it has everything: a fridge, sink, induction range and oven.

laass ebert one meter kitchen photo pullout

The range and oven pull out, exposing the storage; the eating/ prep counter is pulled out and put back wherever the cook wants it to be.

laass ebert one meter kitchen photo closed

All closed up, a lovely looking little box. The fridge and a drawer are still accessible, although if you want a drink of water you have to work for it, sliding the eating surface away.

laass ebert one meter kitchen photo sink

Even people who don't cook need a sink, but it is buried under the counter. Other than that, it does everything well. More images in Designboom

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