Tiny Robot Trash Harvesters to Clean Streets of the Future


Images via Tuvie

Move over Roomba, you've just met your match. It's called the Scarab, and it's an automated robot that's been designed to efficiently and quickly clean much larger areas, like shopping centers and neighborhood streets. Could these little robots be the future of urban waste collection? More pics, design schematics, and info after the jump.According to Tuvie,

The Robot Harvester is a self-driven robot concept that has been designed to gather rubbish from shopping centers and street territories, and put them to the right place for disposal. It features two web cameras and sensors to detect length of an element which will help it to estimate the territory and locate the place where the rubbish is awaiting to be picked.


After sweeping, the rubbish is dumped inside the tank which is divided into two parts: one for small rubbish and another for bigger one. Big rubbish are put by manipulators and falls through upper hole, that is closed with plates. The plates work using the principle of jalousie from small serve drive. All rubbish will be put away from the robot automatically, and its tank can be put away for washing. Recharging of accumulators is automatic too.


Yes, this is still a design concept at this point, but it opens up some real questions about the future of sanitation. Considering the Roomba is more efficient than a vacuum cleaner, these would most certainly be a more efficient way to keep shopping centers clean than heavy vacuums.


And, since they run on electricity, they're certainly greener than the gas-guzzling street sweepers that currently clean urban roads around the world.


Who knows? Perhaps the day will come when our streets are cleaned by a fleet of tiny, self-driven robot janitors.


Design by Olga Kalugina


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