Timtimxtimtim- Step by Step Recycled & Educational Design


Timtimxtimtim (pronounced ‘tim tim por tim tim’) is a Portuguese expression which translates into something like ‘step by step’, just like their peculiar web site. These designers are all about recycling with a twist and a very social side to things. Making sure their raw materials are recycled and recyclable, these guys are giving objects a second chance by extending their lifecycles. Designing and producing, Timtimxtimtim are both hands on and conceptual. Cardholders from recycled Tyvek, colourful bags and accessories from remaining cotton from a t-shirt factory, and a cool bookshelf made from a broken street bench that still shows its engravings, are part of their recycled material collection. The funky bags made from recyclable HPDE let you consider the deeper questions of our universe- How do bees see? Is water the same all over the world? Timtimxtimtim are currently working on a web site that goes with these bags of questions.

Because they also care about the user of the object, designing educational objects has become a major part of their work for these Barcelona-based designers. Under educational objects you can find instructions of how to give packaging a second life and other DIY tips that help develop intellectual and creative skills. If you’re in Barcelona, contact timtimxtimtim for information about the kids workshop they hold. Prices available on request. Thanks Ricky for the tip! ::Timtimxtimtim

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