Time To Vote For Your Favourite LifeEdited Project

lifeedited project graham hill photo dpet

I have been consistently blown away by the quality of the submissions for the LifeEdited project. It is now the review period where readers can vote for their favourite project. There is so much to chose from, even dpet's homage to Daniel Libeskind happening here.

lifeedited project graham hill photo enestgn

A Central mobile unit transforming the the spatial layout into a multi-programmed apartment. This is fun, big sliding unit in the middle of the room that slides to create different spaces.

lifeedited project graham hill photo

harnstien: strait. functional.optimal.comfortable. multi-functional interior and furniture design. One of the few twists on layout that I have seen so far, uses the kitchen as a divider in a way that I think works quite well. (if you don't mind having your guests sleep in the kitchen)

lifeedited project graham hill photo
ec2: The nucleos is the main important thing in a house It is such a pleasure to see an axonometric projection, that is what I used to do in school for everything. (setting up projections for perspectives manually was time consuming)

I like the way everything pivots around the bathroom, and there perhaps is just enough room to get a loft bed on top of the bathroom. (But then I am a lot shorter than Graham)

lifeedited project graham hill photo

: A packed out perimeter with a transformable, flexible, expansive, light filled and woolly space. It really is a wild and wooly felt covered homage to Joseph Beuys. Movable felt panels absorb sound, act as dividers and make it all warm and fuzzy.

Lots more at lifeedited. Vote now!

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