Time Running Out For Shed Spot Competition


We have been following the submissions to the Line of Site shed competition with great interest; lots of new, innovative designs from around the world. For those who work at home, sheds offer the opportunity to get a little extra space and privacy. The competition closes on August 3rd so if you are planning on entering you better hurry; here are a few interesting entries for inspiration.

Alex Jones of the UK submits the a work pod, "inspired by the luxury motor home with expanding mid-section, condensed into a garden shed. In its compact mode, the work pod can accommodate up to two people working at either end, but more suitable for one. Space permitting, a twist and pull extends the pod sideways, resulting in a more spacious internal work cabin and a separate semi-external workspace (perfect for those long summer evenings). The two workspaces are either divided by the sliding entrance door or treated as one larger workspace when the door opens."


I don't know what it does, but Chun Man Mok's Sun Shade is certainly elegant. "Shed — a variant of shade. A structure to shade something. SunShade is a structure to shade the sunlight. Just like a lamp shade, the SunShade tempers with the daylight to create different moods for the internal and external environment. Thanks to the help of the mobile shades, the different combinations of the shades together with the ever changing daylight will provide a variety of light qualities for creative activities."


Not very good for work, but I enjoyed Alexandra Kandycheva's ecomobile.

"The HOLZWAGEN ecomobile is specially designed for your garden. It's allowed to have some glasses of wine with your friends in this car, since it is an absolutely safe model. A container with flowers on "bumper" adds an unforgettable romantic atmosphere."


Anders Linde did a beautiful drawing.

"The space is devided by a sliding glass door. On one side a room with recycled glass sheets leading light through the wall. On the other side the shape of the building is extended with a mesh creating a semi sheltered room where wind is slightly calmer and bugs are kept out.
In the shed you are protected from rain but still hear it fall. Bring your sleeping bag and watch the stars"

See them all at ::Line of Sight

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