Time Lapse Video of a Strawbale Geodesic House Build (Video)

strawbale geodesic dome photo

Image credit: Julia Lachman

Earlier today I posted a great video on how to build a worm tower self-spreading composter. In the process, the new YouTube interface drew me into a whole host of fascinating "how to" videos related to permaculture. One in particular caught my eye, offering a rapid time-lapse view of how a team of volunteers built a mud-walled strawbale geodesic dome house. It's pretty awesome stuff.

The video has, I should note, been around a while. But that's one of the joys of YouTube's recent changes, in that a whole hose of buried treasures seem to be rising to the surface again. Having covered everything from bullet proof strawbale police stations to a how-to on building with strawbales and mud, I was a little surprised we hadn't caught this little gem before.

Interestingly, this is one of the very few—maybe even only—strawbale/mud homes I have seen that doesn't feature a roof to keep rain from washing away the "plaster". But as Julia Lachman—owner of the video—points out in the comments, this was built at the Lotan Center for Creative Ecology in one of the driest deserts in Israel. If you want to try this anywhere else, you will most likely want to consider a roof. (Or a backup plan.)

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