In a Time of Global Warming and a Shortage of Snow, Designers Say "We Never Give up!"

Right now, Polish designer Szymon Hanczar could probably use a regular sled, but earlier in the year he thought there might be a bit of a problem.

Not so long ago people in Poland used to take their sledges from the basements and take over all possible city hills. At that time snow still existed. As we are suffering from greenhouse effect and something like snow simply does not exist anymore, we are offering a brand- new, attractive and minimalist sledge, possible to use on all types of flat surfaces, sloping though.

I think it is a really clever name, showing the determination to have a good time no matter what the weather throws at us. It certainly is more upbeat than "Rosebud." Although, brakes would be nice.

The sledge is more trendy than long board, and more stylish than roller-skates. Additionally, being a double vehicle, they offer you the possibility of integration. It's an ideal option for vehicle owners. Ideally suited for parking lots, deserted streets and flats which were constructed by developers not knowing how to use spirit levels. The sledge develops an impressive speed. In any self- respecting apartment they can function as a prestigious mobile couch.

I suspect that right now, Szymon is taking the wheels off. More at

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