Tic-Tac House Components Move with your Mood


Here is an interesting idea from Brazilian Architectural firm Forte, Gimenes & Marcondes Ferraz, that was apparently produced for Wallpaper* magazine and shown in Arch Daily. You will never get bored with the Tic-Tac house; you just move the components around to suit your mood, the climate and your needs.


Only the bathrooms and kitchen are fixed; the bedrooms and other spaces adjust and pivot.


It actually could make a lot of sense for places with really variable climates; where it gets really hot in summer or really cold in winter, it could fold up and contract into a smaller, conditioned space.


When it is a temperate and comfortable season, it can open up like a flower, with all kinds of outdoor spaces, protected by that giant sliding sunsreen bris de soliel on wheels.


It is a bit lavish and over-the-top, but hey, it's Wallpaper*. The idea could be applied at a smaller scale. The main take-away is the idea of the tight, fixed service core and the light, flexible supported spaces.

There is not an internet connection fast enough for the flash-crazy website of FGMF Architects,

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