Three Utensils in One: "Spork" from Light My Fire


We know that there's a burgeoning movement in Asia to bring your own chopsticks, and we've seen some other versions of that stateside, with a couple sporks and an all-in-one cutlery set, but this "spork" from Light My Fire takes it up a notch. It adds a serrated knife blade to the mix, which makes it more of a "sporknife" or "knispork" (though it's probably best to stick with spork, for brevity's sake) and allows you to have all three pieces of cutlery in one. Its utility is matched by the sleek, Scandinavian design of Joachim Nordwall, making it a lovely addition for a picnic basket or lunchbox. It's dishwasher safe and quite durable, according to their site; we'd love to see it in bioplastic. They travel in packs, beneath the fold. ::Light My Fire via ::Apartment Therapy