Three TreeHugger Picks Win Design Awards

credit valley use of wood photo

Three projects previously profiled on TreeHugger have won design awards from the Ontario Association of Architects, perhaps indicating that green ideas in architecture are becoming more mainstream, or that my taste in architecture is not as bad as so many commenters suggest. Only one of the three was overtly green and going for LEED certification; the other two had green aspects that I admired. I love the Credit Valley Hospital addition by the Farrow Partnership because of it's remarkable use of wood. See more at Study Proves Good Design Means Healthier Patients

umbra store exterior photo

The Umbra Concept Store by Kohn Shnier Architects in Toronto integrates LEDs into the fabric of the exterior (something we will be seeing a lot more of, where lighting will be permanent parts of the building instead of something added in).


Inside, it has the most remarkable chandelier, made up of Umbra lamps stuck together in clumps, proving that compact fluorescents can be gorgeous in the hands of a good designer. Umbra Store Lit by Compact Fluorescents

botanical gardens exterior photo

Greenest is Mongomery Sisam's Toronto Botanical Gardens, complete with green roof with native vegetation, special fritted glass that screens out 70% of the heat gain, water conserving fixtures and energy efficient lighting. Toronto Botanical Garden by Montgomery Sisam

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