Those Slow-Teching Amish

Amish ice saw

Image by The Technium

If you're prepared sharpen your shoehorn on what exactly appropriate technology is, one need look no further than this delightful little number on the Amish from Kevin Kelly over at the Technium. For The Some drenched in The Twitter, this nifty set of ideas might be considered to be horse-and-buggy thinking. Yowza yowza - it is; our future awaits. From "Amish Electricity" to the reasons for using disposable diapers and genetically modified corn, it's all there sir, plain as day, in black and white - it's the conversation without missing the message. Warning: Amish Ahead. The Technium
Our New Amish Overlords
Amish Farmer Challenges Raw Milk Laws
Horse and Buggy + Wind Turbine
Amish Love that Crazy Solar Thing

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