Thoreau to Esckerick to TreeHuggers

Every so often comes a narrative that puts everything in glowing perspective. This link takes you to ideas with real design patina, and appreciation calls for digesting the whole of it. Wharton Escherick is definitely the roots man. The narrative's musings about popular rejection of "department store culture" should sound familiar, and, as such, Escherick surpasses Rachel Carson in importance to designers who work in wood. If you've not seen much of him, TreeHuggers, you should definitly take the time to explore this in full. Pardon the graphic simplicity, as it's a volunteer operation. If interested in a pilgrimage, know that the Esherick museum / home (pictured below) is visited by appointment only, and has limited hours, overseen, as it is, by relatives or old friends. That old oak out my window looks ever the better for him.