This Origami Sounds Good: Recycled, Foldable Speakers

origaudio origamo foldable recycled speaker
Credit: Courtesy OrigAudio.

Origami is about more than creative napkin folding. And listening to music is about more than bulky speakers. A Chicago company calls it OrigAudio—A foldable, self-powered speaker made from recycled paper. The speakers were No. 38 on Time magazine's list of the 50 Best Inventions of 2009 (which also included products like the Dow Chemical solar shingle).

The speakers fuse "modern art, graphic design, music, and Asia's ancient origami art form" to create 3-inch portable cubes, according to ZOLD, an eco-sales agency. They come in five designs, or you can create your own.

They're only 1 watt, which makes an ear wonder how loud they'll be. But the speakers will slip easily into your luggage, or laptop case, and sound "pretty good" for the price, according to a segment on the "Today" show.

They sell for $16 each, or $60 for a pack of six.

A portion of sale proceeds go the nonprofit Music National Service which "supports and expands the use of music to address important civic and social needs."

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