This New House

Our suburban houses have been getting consistently larger, taking up more land and more resources and more energy to operate, graphically represented in this illustration from mother Jones (7.6 meg PDF) and (8.4 meg pdf) Meanwhile, its occupants are getting consistently fatter and sicker because they have to drive everywhere, as shown in this study from the Canadian Heart and Stroke Society.

This study shows clearly that city-dwellers are twice as likely to walk, bike or take public transit to get to work as their non-urban counterparts. In addition, more city-dwellers walk or bike to do daily chores.

"Unfortunately, non-metropolitan areas often contain disincentives to physical activity. In fact, residents are exposed daily to the effects of heart-unhealthy planning," says Heart and Stroke Foundation researcher, Dr. Robert Ross. "Retail services outside of urban areas are designed with automobile access as a priority. Sidewalks and cycle lanes are conspicuous by their absence, making suburban and rural-dwelling Canadians (and Americans) prisoners to their cars." ::Mother Jones via ::Land+Living by [LA]