This Month in Wallpaper*: Design Directory 2007


limited edition cover art by Keiichi Tanaami

This month's issue of Wallpaper* magazine is dominated by the 2007 Design Directory, their hand-picked favorite architects and designers from the past year. Always the epitome of cool, the mag's slick picks include some inspirational ideas and interiors to look good and go green. They give a nod to Sweden's Tham & Videgard Hansson (page 096) as a top ten up-and-coming architect, who put innovation and sustainability high on their list. Also in the mix is a design that's stood the test of time, and has become an "iconic fixture": the folding chair (page 070), designed in 1967 by Giancarlo Piretti to fold flat to a depth of less than a inch or easily stack when folded out, saving space either way you go (it's now in the Museum of Modern Art). Halfway around the world, in China, the auto industry is booming (page 073), which isn't great news, but BMW is using the huge market (car ownership in China is set to outpace that in the US within 30 years) to continue building their hydrogen future; whether or not that will come to fruition remains to be seen (but that's another post). Pick up Wallpaper* for the usual outstanding eye candy and more of the world's best design. ::Wallpaper*

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