This Month in Azure


There is always lots of green eye candy in Azure, which has turned into one of the best architectural design magazines in North America. The July/August issue is no exception; there is an interview of Bill McDonough by Chris Turner:

Just because a company takes up a green attitude, if they're still making toxic materials then all they have is a nice attitude; they are still making toxic materials.
Also: coverage of Todd Saunders (known to TreeHugger for his design of Blueskymod) & Tommie Wilhelmsen's spectacular 200 square foot cabin overlooking a fjord in Norway.

Saunders followed a hallowed path for young architects: if you can't find a client, experiment on yourself. "We wanted a retreat where you would spend most of your time outside" said Saunders, a transplanted Canadian and self-described nature freak.


Forgoing chemicals and plastic, the architects used brown paper for the wind barrier and shredded newspaper for insulation. In Norway you can buy this type of insulation and get it blown in, but we just stuffed it in the walls ourselves." ::Todd Saunders via ::Azure


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