This Month in Architectural Record: William McDonough

mcdonough.jpgAny interview of Bill McDonough is worth reading- he is funny and smart and self-deprecating. He admits his lack of knowledge, his short attention span and the need to collaborate with scientists.

"We'd have to ask the question: how can something be high-quality design if it makes you sick or destroys the planet? And often the answers require science. It's easy to tell the truth; it's harder to know what the truth is. And that's what science is for."...."You can see these polymaths like Vitruvius or Goethe or Jefferson being very interested in science. Franklin did the fundamental science of electricity, and yet he was also dealing with politics and journalism. So you couldn't have a fundamental review of the human experience without science." Read the interview in ::Architectural Record

Also read the Architectural Technology section on the impications of Zero Carbon on the architectural profession and the personal journeys of architectural firms trying to reduce their own footprints."Cook+Fox includes employees' home electricity consumption estimated through a sampling of staff utility bills, according to Alice Hartley, a member of the firm's "green team." The firm purchases renewable energy credits for this electricity use and for that used by its New York City office."::Architectural Record

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