This Dollhouse is an Architect's Dream

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If you want your child to become an architect, this is the dollhouse to buy for her (him?). Called the Stackhouse, it is a TreeHugger architect's dream. It is flat pack, DIY, certified wood and imaginative to boot.

Instead of a fake Tudor or suburban mansion, this modular toy can be re-arranged and inter-changed and made to measure, depending on you (or your child's fancy).

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The doll's house is modular so the shape can change as you acquire more units over time. The individual stackable boxes become an apartment building, a castle or a chalet by interchanging the rooms.

Made out of ecofriendly sustainable European birch plywood, the house has a clean and sleek look, with no chipped paint in the near future.

The rooms are big, 14" by 14" so there is lots of space. Each comes with a ladder and the walls have different illustrations on them.They are different shapes, some even have balconies, and trees etched into the sides. The windows are big too so that it is easy for little hands to put in the furniture and figures without knocking things over.

It's a cinch to make: there are no tools, screws, or nails necessary. The walls of the rooms simply slide together and stay put. Units are sold in sets or individually, so you can start modestly and add over time.

Featured in Daily Candy Kids, the dollhouses are handmade by a small company in Kirkland, Washington, specializing in well-crafted original toys. The designer, Martijn van Tilburg, is a software designer, who wanted to "see whether it is possible to design, prototype and manufacture profitable products in small runs, without sacrificing any of the quality you get with mass manufacturing. And without it becoming a one-off craft product either."

Inspired by the birth of his daughter, he had his father build the design for him, but he was disappointed with the results. He then bought himself a small Shopbot CNC router to experiment with, using the principles of software design. As he writes: "I can create real versions of the product as I am designing it and test both the appeal and construction. Once I decide the product is good enough, I can start making copies." Toideloi follows a philosophy of local manufacturing.

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