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Modern Wood Burning Pellet Stoves
With high energy prices and constant talks of economic recession, wood stoves are back in vogue in many parts of the world where wood can be had cheaply. But they have downsides, especially if we're talking about old and inefficient wood stoves that can create a lot of air pollution.

Which Pellet Stove to Buy?
Pellet stoves can be a greener alternative to traditional wood stoves and fireplaces: "Pellet stoves pollute so little that they don't require certification from the EPA, they create no creosote (chimney fire fodder), and fall well within clean air standards. And the pellets? Most are made from compressed sawdust and other wood waste, though some stoves can also take wood, recycled paper waste, and biomass pellets." Read on for more information on pellet stoves.

Wood Burning Pellet Stove photo

Pellet Stove Buying Guide
We have just published a Pellet Stove Buying Guide on our sister site, Planet Green.

5 models of pellet stoves are recommended: The Englander by England Stove Works (around $1,650), The Woodland, by Kozy Heat Fireplaces (around $2,000), the PB105 Pellet Boiler, by Harman Stoves (around $6,000, but it's heavy-duty - see the second picture in this post), the Magnum Baby Countryside by American Energy Systems (around $2,000), and the Pellet Stove NPS40, by Napoleon (about $2,350).

For more details on why we like each model and where you can buy these pellet stoves, head over to the Pellet Stove Buying Guide.

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