They Took All the Trees And Put Them in a Tree Museum

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Joni Mitchell wrote:

They took all the trees
Put 'em in a tree museum
And they charged the people
A dollar and a half just to see 'em

And they built it in Switzerland! But with inflation, it is now fifteen bucks. It is the personal collection of landscape architect Enzo Enea, who tells the New York Times:

"I have collected trees over the last 17 years from gardens that I was building or houses that I was building," Mr. Enea said. "Trees had to be moved, and instead of cutting them, I tried to remove them."

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He chose Chad Oppenheim from among eight architects to design the scheme. The architect says:

"it is often the desire of our architecture to establish and accentuate gardens and surrounding vistas that heighten the appreciation of nature-- so it was quite natural for us to make Enea's gardens the star of the show. We are always working towards creating the space for the beauty of the natural world to take center stage. You don't need to focus the energy of the building on form to heighten the experience of place, when celebrating the elemental power of sky, water, and the surrounding ecosystems."

While the museum houses more than 2,000 trees, fifty are personally curated by Enea. More at Inhabitat and e-architect.

Also at Enzo Enea's website, which crashed my computer twice, and Oppenheim Architecture + Design, which takes over your screen. Why do architects do this stuff?

They Took All the Trees And Put Them in a Tree Museum
Joni Mitchell wrote:

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